In life several times we react to situation or person in very bad temper. Even Frustration or Depression compels us to do so. But in real, Is there need to do so? Frustration comes if our Expectation does not meet to the desired goal. But once we must think- What is ours? Can anyone decide in which family he is going to take birth? Can he control his own growth or colour? Can he delay his own death? If no, then what is right with us to expect anything from anybody? Actually our expectation is root cause of all problems. We are unable to control our thinking. If we do that is to blame someone or something or to the self for any incident. Being as a Human being, its very natural. But we should not attach ourself in such degree of sensitivity which may cause mental pain. Success comes with effort but how much potency is required, we should also consider for this. We may be happy in Life if we follow the Universal words of Lord Krishna in Bhagwad Geeta. As it reveals the truth of Human Life. Life is to enjoy.


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