Desire : Lovelorn 4

How strange it is! How much faith was in me!How much love was for me. Had I done wrong? No. She came & betrayed me. And after that I was burning in the fire of revenge. By heart I had love but for her welfare & wanted nothing in return but her desire was not going to be fulfilled with me. Today she is far from me, I am free but recalling her memory. Everyone has freedom to enjoy their life in the best way of choice. But if I feel sorrow sometimes then to know – why did she betray me? Every problem of life may be solved with talk. I knew everything. Was I so immature to understand? Never. I have still soft corner for her. I have desire to meet in future and want to talk. Want to feel how much change came in life. Just have desire to know the way of life, perhaps which is meaningless for all but meaningful only for me. Perhaps its love which is alive. Click here to know more


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