In these days Characterless persons are enjoying their life as they already have lost morality. It is said- if you have lost health or wealth then you may regain but once lost character means lost everything. But situation seems reverse. Characterless persons are getting position of MLA, MLC, MP, Chairman, Cabinet Ministers & else. With money you may earn life time membership of any society or committee. You may be representative of state & nation to attend seminars & conferences in different parts of the world. Its not enough. You may also secure many prestigeous awards for several things without taking much pain. Even any raising voice will be crushed with the power of politics, Even the life of Saint & Spiritual persons are revealing truth. Memorable point is only that you must have to favour only ruling party anyhow otherwise you may be victim of CBI or else. Even may lose your life in any road accident or else.Now what do you think-which one is great money or character?


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