Right of love : Lovelorn 3

After adjusting himself in chair he told -” Go… Your father may have been waiting for you. We meet again.” After getting assurance she came down to stair. She was just guessing “what happened? Good or bad? Who will say to me? How should I know the real fact? Oneday surely I’ll know but for how long will have to wait?” And Prem was alone still in the office. He hit the table with the fist in agressiveness and grinned ” Meet again… hoh…!” What have to do? Why have to meet? Who am I? What is right with me to talk to her? -these were the questions of her father. Really have right? What is the right of love? He is his father, he is the reason of his presence in this world but me? I was like a toy to play. What is wrong? Everybody likes to play with mobile, video game, cricket or else. She played with my emotion. It was my fault that I couldn’t understand.Nothing have to say to anybody.-these thinking controlled his mind and got lost in the dreamy days of life.Glory of life came in his eyes.Past stay always?


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