Narendra Modi : A Political Giant

Narendra Modi or Namo has become a Political Giant in Indian Politics. Before a decade Namo was nothing but a soldier of RSS & BJP’s Chief Minister of Gujarat. But Godhara Accident defamed him in the whole world. But at the end of Atal Era Namo came in light. First of all he was opposed by Lal Krishna Advani & others inside the party. But he earned popularity. After a huge success in Gujarat Election third time, he started to take a shape of a Giant. Nitish Kumar of JDU even broke the 17yrs relation with BJP. Even Congress led UPA & others never leave a single hole to defame him. Even the programme of President of India was fixed of 26-27 October 2013 to disturb the proposed Hunkar Rally on 27-10-2013 in Gandhi Maidan, Patna, but in the last moment on request President shortened his visit. Every act of opposing party is offering popularity to Narendra Modi & making him such a political Giant that


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