Lovelorn : A Break up

He was much eager to meet her. He knew these days are last days, but he was confused. In onehand it was love and in other responsibility of life. She had offered pure love to a thirsty but he had felt only sympathy for her, but her behaviour? How can he leave her alone to die? Even he can’t marry her in these years. How long can he go with her? No doubt he was trying hard for his life settlement but he was missing all the time due to minor reason. Depression was tormenting him badly. But in the rain of unexpected love perhaps he had forgotten all goals of life. He wanted only her smile. But today he was unable to control his emotion. Several times went up & down on the office stair. Lastly she came. Charm came on his face, current started to flow. In quick he saw her father and moved to wish morning. But hardly could he understand her father started to scold him in very high tone before all. Unexpected. He became so shocked that lost his sense. Before him it was nothing but only -Dark…Dark & Dark.Tear came.


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