Be Practical

Be Practical. It is said that for being a successful person – have to be practical. But what is the meaning of “Be Practical”? Some say- it is nothing but control of Emotion. Means there is no time to cry or think for pain. Never treat yourself as a Human Being. Because only Machine can work even as insensitve. Reports say – about to all Successful person has shown their cruel form in decisive moment. Even William Shakespeare once wrote-“Be cruel for kindness”. But once surely should think- What is the real meaning of cited sentence. In this world nothing is impossible but controlling the Emotion is the toughest job in this Universe. If you want to be a Successful Person then have to practice it. It can be gained if you keep yourself much busy. If you enjoy the every moment of present. If you accept the cruelty of time and life. Just keep in mind- have to go ahead. Nothing is there to betray you. Your aim is only your life & you are surviving only for it. No any relation or responsibility may betray you.



In life several times we react to situation or person in very bad temper. Even Frustration or Depression compels us to do so. But in real, Is there need to do so? Frustration comes if our Expectation does not meet to the desired goal. But once we must think- What is ours? Can anyone decide in which family he is going to take birth? Can he control his own growth or colour? Can he delay his own death? If no, then what is right with us to expect anything from anybody? Actually our expectation is root cause of all problems. We are unable to control our thinking. If we do that is to blame someone or something or to the self for any incident. Being as a Human being, its very natural. But we should not attach ourself in such degree of sensitivity which may cause mental pain. Success comes with effort but how much potency is required, we should also consider for this. We may be happy in Life if we follow the Universal words of Lord Krishna in Bhagwad Geeta. As it reveals the truth of Human Life. Life is to enjoy.

Desire : Lovelorn 4

How strange it is! How much faith was in me!How much love was for me. Had I done wrong? No. She came & betrayed me. And after that I was burning in the fire of revenge. By heart I had love but for her welfare & wanted nothing in return but her desire was not going to be fulfilled with me. Today she is far from me, I am free but recalling her memory. Everyone has freedom to enjoy their life in the best way of choice. But if I feel sorrow sometimes then to know – why did she betray me? Every problem of life may be solved with talk. I knew everything. Was I so immature to understand? Never. I have still soft corner for her. I have desire to meet in future and want to talk. Want to feel how much change came in life. Just have desire to know the way of life, perhaps which is meaningless for all but meaningful only for me. Perhaps its love which is alive. Click here to know more


In these days Characterless persons are enjoying their life as they already have lost morality. It is said- if you have lost health or wealth then you may regain but once lost character means lost everything. But situation seems reverse. Characterless persons are getting position of MLA, MLC, MP, Chairman, Cabinet Ministers & else. With money you may earn life time membership of any society or committee. You may be representative of state & nation to attend seminars & conferences in different parts of the world. Its not enough. You may also secure many prestigeous awards for several things without taking much pain. Even any raising voice will be crushed with the power of politics, Even the life of Saint & Spiritual persons are revealing truth. Memorable point is only that you must have to favour only ruling party anyhow otherwise you may be victim of CBI or else. Even may lose your life in any road accident or else.Now what do you think-which one is great money or character?

Right of love : Lovelorn 3

After adjusting himself in chair he told -” Go… Your father may have been waiting for you. We meet again.” After getting assurance she came down to stair. She was just guessing “what happened? Good or bad? Who will say to me? How should I know the real fact? Oneday surely I’ll know but for how long will have to wait?” And Prem was alone still in the office. He hit the table with the fist in agressiveness and grinned ” Meet again… hoh…!” What have to do? Why have to meet? Who am I? What is right with me to talk to her? -these were the questions of her father. Really have right? What is the right of love? He is his father, he is the reason of his presence in this world but me? I was like a toy to play. What is wrong? Everybody likes to play with mobile, video game, cricket or else. She played with my emotion. It was my fault that I couldn’t understand.Nothing have to say to anybody.-these thinking controlled his mind and got lost in the dreamy days of life.Glory of life came in his eyes.Past stay always?

Lovelorn 2

He experienced the universal truth. Charming colour of his face went away. Sunny day was like dark night. Mind was vacant. If he was able to do something- that was forced smile on his lips. He felt like dead body, senseless machine, which was moving here & there. Even he was not able to blame any for this. Lastly he went to the office room on the third floor to sit. There hardly he had taken two glasses of water, she came & asked “what dad told?” For few minutes he was silent – perhaps he was trying to read-” if this girl is so innocent…? Or it was a planned drama and now wants reaction?” Again she asked-“What happened?” “Nothing” It was his cold response like ice. He wanted to make a distance. But inside love was dancing, she was looking so beautiful, never looked like this and who knows about future. But mind haunted and smile danced on lips with ” Death is also very beautiful”. She was trying to read his face but got surprised on words- “What you told?” “Nothing dear! What am I to say?” relaxed himself.

Ram Temple : Election Issue

Ram Temple has been an issue for every election since 1990. And BJP has earned & lost many things due to this. This time, while Political Giant Narendra Modi has sidelined this issue, however several tried to raise this issue. Even Muzaffarnagar riot became hot cake & it was said that this riot was for vote. But lastly Akhilesh Yadav of SP opened his mouth that he is planning to build Ram Temple in Ayodhya like Somnath Temple. For this purpose meeting is organised on 14-10-2013. We should not forget that recently Mulayam Singh Yadav has told about Third Front after Election. Suprising point comes – why SP took such a turn? While the same government had ordered for firing years ago? Trying to attract the vote of Hindu? Has Mulayam Singh felt the power of Narendra Modi & extending his hands for friendship? Even CBI has closed the file of BSP supremo Mayawati. If SP has chosen this topic out of frustration or to divert the mind of public to hide his weakness? What is truth? Surely it will clear in coming time.