Justice To Delhi Gangrape

Delhi Gangrape case of 16 December 2012, became the most famous and discussed issue of India. After 9 months half justice came here as Death Sentence. Lawyer AP SINGH is going to put the case in High Court & Supreme Court. After that the President of India will take final decision. No doubt due to great mass interest & revolution it became political issue, even Committee was formed to review the case. Perhaps everyone is happy with this Justice except the Victims of Death Sentence. But question arises that only Nirbhaya or Jyoti is the victim of Gangrape in this nation? Several cases have been filed after this incident in different parts of India, but noone was taken as serious, Why? Public always want to know about the future of Rapist Politician, who is occupying the position in the Assembly & Parliament? Even will they be punished or Justice will be handicaped before the Power of chair or money? It may not be denied that all 4 Rapists weren’t of strong background. If court could get success in rest cases!


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