Economic Crisis And Indian Gold

India is in great Economic Crisis like 1991. But Politicians are still busy in playing dirty game. Blame game between government and RBI went for some days. Good thing is that every concerned Authority is trying very hard to improve the situation of nation. Even government is taking special care of many valuable projects and bill to keep the GDP up. Major cause of tension is devaluation of Indian Currency. Besides Bond, they are ready to give the Indian Gold to other countries. Even Indian Government as well as RBI is planning to keep the Gold of Indian Temples in use. These politicians are thinking for 30000 Tone Gold of India but they never think for Black Money. Even Government may get success to enforce or convince Indian Temple Management Trust to do so, but chances are more that Gold may be mismanaged by the corrupt leaders. Even if once these Gold will go out of India their recovery will become very tough job. And Golden Bird will be renamed as something else. Why don’t they think for other options?


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