Right To Reject

Supreme Court of India has once again tried to cleanse the Electoral System, with a historical judgement of Right to Reject on 27 September 2013. Even every party has welcomed it, but inside nothing is hidden. Few days ago when this court had tried to prevent criminal minded persons to contest Election, then UPA government went against it with a new ordinance to The President as corrupt leaders are only in Congress. But this time Election Commission has been directed to include negative voting by allowing voters to select none among the options with a button while in earlier person had to file up form 17A. Unfortunately this work will be completed with the cooperation of Government while time bound is not given. No doubt Selfish & Corrupt leaders will like to continue their job. And how much people use it with awareness. But we should hope for better. If Right to Reject get implemented in quick then we may also hope for Right to Recall. This empowerment of voter will change the scene which started in 2005.


Nitish And Lalu : No Difference

Nitish kumar always says that he has done a lots of work in Bihar. Even the work is discussed in foreign. If he is right, why is Lalu prasad yadav wrong? Lalu Prasad Yadav had also performed in his best capacity not only in Bihar, but also as a Railway Minister. Railway was earning so much benefits that Lalu Prasad Yadav used to visit the foreign countries or Universities to deliver the Success Mantra. But after a decade, what is the ground reality of Railway? Why it became so essential to hike fare several times in a year? Public is openly saying that Nitish kumar has managed media, which was also marked by Katju. He is trying for getting fame everywhere just with media by ignoring the real problems of Bihar. Even he is working with Corrupt Leaders of RJD. Exploitation and Crime is increasing in every sense. Now noone hesitates to say that Nitish kumar has lost himself so always calls Mad to every opposing leader. Mainly he is losing popularity due to fight with Narendra Modi for the chair of Prime Minister.

Cynic Pain : How To Deal

Person is nothing but a slave of circumstance. And it is supposed very natural as a person may not be always in position to pick the best choice. Willingly or Unwillingly when a person is traped in a critical situation, it seems very tough to come out. Impossible is nothing but wise persons like to bow down instead of facing too much rough air. As one day this rough air has to disappear. It may be possible that for long there is no hope but every night has morning. And where is matter of Life- it is nothing but Ego. Person earns trouble by thinking to a point only. While lots of points are crying for attention. Never limit yourself. Try to ignore pain & earn pleasure. Cynic persons are not liked. So try to enjoy Environment, Party, Nature, Fashion, & more. Think for creativity instead of destruction. As destruction pays you back in destruction only and creativity fills you with satisfaction and pleasure. Your jolly mood vibes circumstance. Its better to accept creativity and say bye to Cynic Pain. Do you?

Justice To Delhi Gangrape

Delhi Gangrape case of 16 December 2012, became the most famous and discussed issue of India. After 9 months half justice came here as Death Sentence. Lawyer AP SINGH is going to put the case in High Court & Supreme Court. After that the President of India will take final decision. No doubt due to great mass interest & revolution it became political issue, even Committee was formed to review the case. Perhaps everyone is happy with this Justice except the Victims of Death Sentence. But question arises that only Nirbhaya or Jyoti is the victim of Gangrape in this nation? Several cases have been filed after this incident in different parts of India, but noone was taken as serious, Why? Public always want to know about the future of Rapist Politician, who is occupying the position in the Assembly & Parliament? Even will they be punished or Justice will be handicaped before the Power of chair or money? It may not be denied that all 4 Rapists weren’t of strong background. If court could get success in rest cases!

Economic Crisis And Indian Gold

India is in great Economic Crisis like 1991. But Politicians are still busy in playing dirty game. Blame game between government and RBI went for some days. Good thing is that every concerned Authority is trying very hard to improve the situation of nation. Even government is taking special care of many valuable projects and bill to keep the GDP up. Major cause of tension is devaluation of Indian Currency. Besides Bond, they are ready to give the Indian Gold to other countries. Even Indian Government as well as RBI is planning to keep the Gold of Indian Temples in use. These politicians are thinking for 30000 Tone Gold of India but they never think for Black Money. Even Government may get success to enforce or convince Indian Temple Management Trust to do so, but chances are more that Gold may be mismanaged by the corrupt leaders. Even if once these Gold will go out of India their recovery will become very tough job. And Golden Bird will be renamed as something else. Why don’t they think for other options?

Who Is Teacher ?

Who is Teacher? Teacher is not only a person who teaches us but every living and non-living thing is Teacher, which gives us any lesson, lesson of life, inspiration & motivation. Even Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru used to write to Indira Gandhi – If she wants to learn then try to learn from Nature. Truly Nature is the great Teacher & every creature earns some knowledge by experience & experiment. As noone is perfect in this world so noone should hesitate to experiment, as no any win or lose is final. Great persons are only those, who collects courage to fight back to back and welcome every challenge with smile. It is also said that every problem teaches us some lesson & in this way, this is such a Teacher which is for whole life and always test our Patience, Courage, Morality, Honesty & Humanity.Person is rewarded with Prize or Punishment.No doubt our parents & others are our Teachers, who teach us in home, school, college or anywhere in a limited period but Time teaches us till the bed of death.So try to learn only.