Politics Of Vote

Value of Indian Currency is going down very rapidly. Everywhere it has become the matter of discussion and tension. But UPA government and RBI have started blame game. While Public is thinking that it is effect of 2G Spectrum, Common Wealth Game, Coalgate scams etc, besides politics of vote bank. Everybody knows that promotion of privatization was for making strong and developed India. But where is growth rate? Petroleum products are touching height with all other price hike as the subsidy has been reduced. While Election 2014 is not so far & Indian Economy has dipped down government has started several schemes based on subsidy in the mid of financial crisis. Decision may not be wrong but the timing & style of work is surely for vote bank. Leaders have become so shameless that they don’t see position of country before their need. But in the lack of best option they reelect selfish politicians.Even people lose the right to ask question,while they put Supreme Court even in side in need.Whats going to be happen?


One thought on “Politics Of Vote

  1. While on Indian economy pls read my post – “Dahi Handi & the many parallels with India’s economic growth !!!
    Feedback welcome. Thanks

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