Satisfaction And Success

Satisfaction is such an element without which your Success may attract wrong direction. Even for getting success people have to limit their goal, or will never know the taste of success. Suppose you are hungry, and you get your meal anyhow, is it not a success? Yes, its also a type of success. We may climb up the stair of success with a little goal. Even Rome was not built in a day, then how anybody may expect anything at a time. Every good work gets some time, so its better to learn to wait. Have patience. Any decision may be right or wrong, but it doesn’t mean that any success or failure is final. Things may turn in any direction either due to your effort or without. Actually in this world everything is in motion. And due to this commotion change is on the card. Sometime we take it as God Gift or else. Even lord Krishna says -“Just work and never think for result”. Every action makes mark as per the use of force of action and result follows it. So never should be disappointed and always should be hopeful.


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