Humbleness And Politeness

Humbleness and Politeness are supposed as a key of Success in Life. Even successful person shows their politeness and humbleness before everybody everywhere. They never talk rough or in proudy tone. They behave in such a friendly and impressive manner that noone may remain untouched by heart. And followers try to earn this quality. But question arises in the mind – how does a person not earn anger, sorrow anytime? How do they make themselves outstanding persons? Its truth. Even a successful person earns sorrow, allergy or anger but they express it in personal space and manage it in public. They try to avoid such circumstances and keep themselves busy. They don’t get enough to think about past. And expectation is the main cause of every pain and anger. Should not work work or think with much attachment. Noone can ignore the weakness of human being but with the art of living, may manage it. Earning Success is important but managing the success without blame is art, which may be cultivated with patience.


Success And Failure

Success and Failure have great relation. For getting a Success, a person have to work hard till the very last moment and even have to face lots of defeat. Ocean of tear rolls down, cry of mental, physical, spiritual and emotional pain comes often. In silence a person recalls all his good and bad days for a moment. After a great tormentation, he achieves success, where either he counts happiness or recalls days of experience. But a sincere person goes ahead with Songs of innocence and Songs of experience with hesitation and retain his position. Enough struggle in the form of blame or competition comes before him to challenge. But who is successful? Perhaps only those who try to get success with honesty and sincerity, and try hard to retain his success with the thinking of welfare. Who knows about future? What is here for forever? But it may last long. Expectation goes high but try to manage it with full capacity is the essence. None should forget that success is a thing but failure is waiting for your mistake.