Railway Platform

Railway Platform is a place of huge commotion. All sorts of people are here – poor to rich, rough to gental, beggers to leaders & peon to the President. Some may be in much hurry, & some may have to wait for long hours. Sleeping here and there and resting in the Rest house or else. Happiness and joy get charm while sorrow leaves in the dark future. Life & death go side by side. Railway, train, horn, and all its environment is just a symbolism for life. Learn lots of lesson or earn lots of pain. Relieve your agony & be calm. Nothing included or excluded but you are there as a part of system. Animals, birds, men & women, children all are here just in search of meaning of life. Invisible comes as well. Understanding and self learning is the only tool to manage all. Stories, poems, romance, tears & what not more? Have you imagined your life even without a platform or Railway platform?Who knows about the next turning of life? Isn’t it like our life?Uncertainty is the only certainty.Afterall its Railway platform.


One thought on “Railway Platform

  1. Music began playing when I opened this website, so frustrating!

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