Maharajganj Result : Fall Of Nitish Kumar

Result of Maharajganj is indication of fall of Nitish Kumar. No doubt Nitish Kumar got huge success in the last election in the name of development. And he told that it is a great responsibility of public expectation. But within a short time, he earned proud & started to ignore the public demand. He started to dream for the post of Prime Minister & Media Management. Nitish Kumar believed to visit different places & appraisal instead of taking care of criticism & ground reality. Even due to several reasons all officials & others started to disobey the order of Chief Minister & other Ministers. All are feeling helpless. Ministers are crying in Public for non-cooperation of officers. Still Should Nitish Kumar continue as Chief Minister of Bihar? Corruption is growing rapidly. In very brief, if Nitish Kumar does not take any lesson from this defeat then in Election 2014 & Election 2015, he will be far from the chair. No third option is available so Lalu Prasad Yadav once again may come back. What do you think?


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