Train Journey And Life

Train Journey has become essential part of my life. I enjoy it in my happiness, sorrow, adventure or in fun. Sitting to window or door is my first choice. I have learnt lots of lesson in train journey. Experienced several types of human beings, their feelings, and reactions to the situation. Adjustment & cooperation play a vital role to increase confidence. Train presents a new world where not only station gets changed with time but also passengers, hawkers, voice & scene, language and culture as well. Every moment and natural beauty try to stimulate the mind. New concern & contact even develop such a relation, which transforms into long life. It gives a chance to think about life – for what are you crying? For what are you runnin g after wealth while your life is nothing after a destination? For what are you nourishing your Ego? With a little loss you become under the cloud of frustration while a handicap is earning a livelihood for his family in crowdy train.Do you still think that its only a train journey?


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