Love And Life

Leo Buscagila says,” Love is Life. And if you miss Love, you miss Life”. Either be poem, song, drama, film, story, novel, or gossip, everywhere love is liked. Love may attracts young blood but it gives sense of pleasure to the person of every age without thinking about caste, colour, religion, gender, or nation. Everywhere feeling runs in the same degree. With time taste & style may vary. It is also unique that love is good for literature & entertainment in any form but worse for the real life. Love in real life does not only breaks the barrier of custom, religion, caste, colour, nation, & gender but also the Ego, prestige and unity of family and society. In one hand love is the cause of creation of this world while due to selfishness it is the cause of destruction of this beautiful heaven. While in peace, alone or in party everywhere everybody enjoys the environment of love. Anger & frustration is also the result of deprivation of love. Depression is nothing but a demand of love and care.Love is the choice.


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