Fight or Flight

Fight or Flight is the only option which is available in every crucial situation of Life. Brave likes to fight while Coward prefers flight. But as a true human being everybody should fight to win with tricks. Flight will never allow you to establish as it will become your habit. Even a little danger will prove fatal. Who doesn’t feel any problem everyday? What they do? Struggle is the name of Life and in this nobody has anything to lose except Ego, while win will establish you. Moreover it is said if you can’t defeat the trouble, however trouble makes you strong. Never think anything has gone wrong. Try to pick positive points. What is weakness in you to be a deserving ? Who has got success with flight? Can you imagine how crucial and boring life may be with flight? Fight gives you name, fame, money, and everything of your desire. But it should never be at the cost of your life. Fight should be at mental level and try to avoid or minimize the hurt. Flight is different from trick. So must apply your mind.


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