Bihar Teacher Vacancy

Bihar Teacher Vacancy has become a great joke. Vacancy of Primary Teacher, Middle School Teacher, & High School Teacher have not been completed yet everywhere due to any reason. Education Minister of Bihar Mr. P. K. Shahi is already a lawyer however several matters are going to court. In the mean while Bihar PGT Vacancy has been announced. Interesting point is that this time announcement has been made without proper plan, instruction & schedule to the DEO office. In several offices vacancy has not been published. Salary and other conditions are still not clear. Everyone is just working in the hope of better future. And blaming that Nitish Kumar is playing a game. He had solved some old problems but after getting unexpected majority in 2010, he has become proudy and selfish. He has made Bihar as center of tender worker. Perhaps he is just performing a daily routine without proper interest, otherwise such delays and confusion may not be possible. Even in Bihar Past Teacher Vacancy it was not.


Railway Platform

Railway Platform is a place of huge commotion. All sorts of people are here – poor to rich, rough to gental, beggers to leaders & peon to the President. Some may be in much hurry, & some may have to wait for long hours. Sleeping here and there and resting in the Rest house or else. Happiness and joy get charm while sorrow leaves in the dark future. Life & death go side by side. Railway, train, horn, and all its environment is just a symbolism for life. Learn lots of lesson or earn lots of pain. Relieve your agony & be calm. Nothing included or excluded but you are there as a part of system. Animals, birds, men & women, children all are here just in search of meaning of life. Invisible comes as well. Understanding and self learning is the only tool to manage all. Stories, poems, romance, tears & what not more? Have you imagined your life even without a platform or Railway platform?Who knows about the next turning of life? Isn’t it like our life?Uncertainty is the only certainty.Afterall its Railway platform.

How to deal with Selfish or Opportunist?

Selfish or Opportunist is not limited to any walk of life. Everywhere you may get an example – how an Opportunist is taking benefit of time, place, person, or anything with tricks. They never think for person, place or else – whom they have exploited badly and deserted them with time. More than 95% people are of the same nature, but deserted one only blame Opportunist. But question arises – how to deal with Selfish or Opportunist? Only one answer may be apt – Ignore such guys and think for self success. Your Success may compel them to come to you and then you may treat them as per wish. But if you waste your Valuable time, energy & money for such persons as a revenge, it is nothing but your defeat. Even your Aggresiveness may end into Court or Prison. Your health, work, & daily routine will be also influenced. Now you have to think if your life is Valuable or not? Do you want to waste your life & family for Selfish? Its better to divert your mind for betterment. Just think it is for your better Future.

Maharajganj Result : Fall Of Nitish Kumar

Result of Maharajganj is indication of fall of Nitish Kumar. No doubt Nitish Kumar got huge success in the last election in the name of development. And he told that it is a great responsibility of public expectation. But within a short time, he earned proud & started to ignore the public demand. He started to dream for the post of Prime Minister & Media Management. Nitish Kumar believed to visit different places & appraisal instead of taking care of criticism & ground reality. Even due to several reasons all officials & others started to disobey the order of Chief Minister & other Ministers. All are feeling helpless. Ministers are crying in Public for non-cooperation of officers. Still Should Nitish Kumar continue as Chief Minister of Bihar? Corruption is growing rapidly. In very brief, if Nitish Kumar does not take any lesson from this defeat then in Election 2014 & Election 2015, he will be far from the chair. No third option is available so Lalu Prasad Yadav once again may come back. What do you think?

Love And Life

Leo Buscagila says,” Love is Life. And if you miss Love, you miss Life”. Either be poem, song, drama, film, story, novel, or gossip, everywhere love is liked. Love may attracts young blood but it gives sense of pleasure to the person of every age without thinking about caste, colour, religion, gender, or nation. Everywhere feeling runs in the same degree. With time taste & style may vary. It is also unique that love is good for literature & entertainment in any form but worse for the real life. Love in real life does not only breaks the barrier of custom, religion, caste, colour, nation, & gender but also the Ego, prestige and unity of family and society. In one hand love is the cause of creation of this world while due to selfishness it is the cause of destruction of this beautiful heaven. While in peace, alone or in party everywhere everybody enjoys the environment of love. Anger & frustration is also the result of deprivation of love. Depression is nothing but a demand of love and care.Love is the choice.

Train Journey And Life

Train Journey has become essential part of my life. I enjoy it in my happiness, sorrow, adventure or in fun. Sitting to window or door is my first choice. I have learnt lots of lesson in train journey. Experienced several types of human beings, their feelings, and reactions to the situation. Adjustment & cooperation play a vital role to increase confidence. Train presents a new world where not only station gets changed with time but also passengers, hawkers, voice & scene, language and culture as well. Every moment and natural beauty try to stimulate the mind. New concern & contact even develop such a relation, which transforms into long life. It gives a chance to think about life – for what are you crying? For what are you runnin g after wealth while your life is nothing after a destination? For what are you nourishing your Ego? With a little loss you become under the cloud of frustration while a handicap is earning a livelihood for his family in crowdy train.Do you still think that its only a train journey?

Fight or Flight

Fight or Flight is the only option which is available in every crucial situation of Life. Brave likes to fight while Coward prefers flight. But as a true human being everybody should fight to win with tricks. Flight will never allow you to establish as it will become your habit. Even a little danger will prove fatal. Who doesn’t feel any problem everyday? What they do? Struggle is the name of Life and in this nobody has anything to lose except Ego, while win will establish you. Moreover it is said if you can’t defeat the trouble, however trouble makes you strong. Never think anything has gone wrong. Try to pick positive points. What is weakness in you to be a deserving ? Who has got success with flight? Can you imagine how crucial and boring life may be with flight? Fight gives you name, fame, money, and everything of your desire. But it should never be at the cost of your life. Fight should be at mental level and try to avoid or minimize the hurt. Flight is different from trick. So must apply your mind.