Fast Life Style And Our Culture

Fast Life Style has ruined the charm of Marriage Life. Nobody has time or patience to understand each other. They run after glamour of the world for fulfillment of their wanted -unwanted desire. They have developed the Culture of use and throw. selfishness has grown up in such a degree that they never think for society. They are very aggressive and ready to give rough and tough answer to anybody as their mind is lost somewhere in the materialistic world. They can buy Love, happiness, Joy with Music, Cinema, Harsh sound , and Party or else. Stealing a single second is very tough for such guys to think about its side effects. in such situations Marriage will be replaced by Live-In Relation Culture very soon. Parenting job will be matter of past or just for hobby as fun. Sincerity and Loyalty will become meaningless. There will be no Home of family member and Love but only Houses of hard and strong Iron and cement. Heart may have lost the its value. Every door and window will have been searching for Love. Sympathy, but only fortunate persons will have all these, whose numbers will be very few. Adjustment is the only device which may manage everything. Otherwise Next Generation will be dreaming for Marriage. However we should not be frustrated and try to improve the circumstance by giving Moral Lesson to our coming Generation. while teaching the value of custom, culture , patience, cooperation, is the essence of time. Hope Fast Life Style will not ruin everything.


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