Writer And God

Writer and God have much similarity. Writer is not only a human being but also supposed as God. God creates own world and creatures as a Writer writes a story with an Idea and creates characters as per choice. Same like God, Writer also experiments with characters and circumstance. Every character just smile, weep, run, sleep or act anything as Writer wish. All readers cultivate anger, love, sympathy for the character, but it ends in Happiness or Sorrow as writer has determined. As for every action of construction or destruction, only writer is responsible, so for the world only God is responsible. Nothing is in the hand of reader or creature of this world. When some enjoy reading and leave the matter there only except earning knowledge. Then why should a person cry for any loss or gain? Everyone should be detached with worldly things and should enjoy only the beauty of life without considering much. As experiments of Writer and God confuse everyone. And nothing is for forever either reason or result.


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