Knowledge is one of the most mysterious element on this Earth. It is limitless. Even life may end at any time however any may learn new thing there. Bookish Knowledge, Practical Knowledge, Mechanical Knowledge, Tricky Knowledge and so like list may be enlarged. But how much should a person study to be a successful person? Answer is not so easy but any may concentrate himself/herself to the point and may try his/her best to earn in every second. Noone may be perfect but the percentage of improvement may be noted. With proper utilization of time any may learn a new lesson from any object of this nature. Nature is not only a book but also a perfect teacher. But nature teaches only to those who wish to learn. Learner should be curious to learn something new. Creativity, ability, capacity, inspiration etc are essential condition. Even these may be cultivated with time as rare things come by birth. Ignorance is a great obstacle and source of all pain, while Knowledge is resource of all sorts of happiness and joy.


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