Construction And Destruction

Both Construction and Destruction are essential part of our life. Both take time and hard work. But as much time and hard work are essential for the Construction, that is not essential for Destruction. But even both want sincerity, honesty and punctuality. It depends only on a person – what does he want? It may be possible that destructive idea may attract with glamour but it may leave you in frustration or with bad name. While constructive work may offer you lots of fun and pleasure besides satisfaction. During achieving the target man may deviate from the true path, may be tired, emotions may test their patience but lastly win is win. With the same position both may be started but the view of action is main. In this world nothing is good, nothing is bad and nothing is without purpose or reason. Every action is result of any inspiration. And every action is characterized by circumstance. Same work may be taken as Constructive or Destructive, only purpose may differentiate it. What do you think for your step?


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