Work And Result

Lord Krishna has said in The Geeta ” Just work is in your hand and never think for result”. Very truly what can a man do more than a work. It may be good or bad. It’s effect may be positive or negative, but which one will make real reflection, is not so easy to say. But it is not a true reason to stop your work or action. A human being should be always in action. With right attitude, right action in right direction surely will result in right. So everybody should try his/her best. But never be disappointed if result doesn’t come as expected. But you may be sure that your powerful effort surely will make some mark there. It will show the power of your action. If same action will be repeated obviously success will be there in coming time. So just work and work and never think for result. Your deserving action surely will transform into good result or will have to wait for some moment. But besides it your patience and concentration will also add something. Your action even will be marked for your attempt.


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