A man is always either in Love or Anger. If someone is in Love, he will have been enjoying every moment of Life. While in anger he may have been thinking for destruction. Construction and Destruction go side by side whole life as it is led by a force. Actually Anger or Love is nothing but a hidden or confused force ( emotion ) which comes out time to time in any form. Even anger in some degree is essential for the survival of sensitivity and life. A true man experiences happiness, sorrow, ignorance, and appreciation time to time and reacts as per the need. True emotion is not so easy to hide. But anger is a great enemy of human being. In a minute any one may lose everything while it may have been earned in years. Even spoken words remain there to hurt the feeling. So its better to be silent in anger. And ignorance may be a great tool in this situation. No doubt in practical life its not so easy but with practice it may be earned. Be angry to improve your impression and love but not for destruction.


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