Fall of Dream : Spoiled Girl

You are reading a tragedy of a girl who got a spoiled Life. Parents were very poor so they gave this beautiful girl to a rich relative on demand, who had no issue at all. Parents were thinking that girl will get good food, dress, education, moral lesson, culture or everything. No doubt she got education in reputed institution, got new dresses in every month, visited tourist spots in own car, & enjoyed all worldly things. But she was totally alone in well furnished three storey home. She was not allowed to talk any or to read much newspaper or to watch television with the sense that she may develop wrong habits. But after an age she earned some curiosity for several things of life. But she was replied with a big dream of future. With time she developed Adjustment Disorder in such degree that she even denied to meet her own parents. Doctors even could not do anything except giving pills to sleep. And now she is not ready to talk or live with any. All dreams came to end. Parents have nothing to do except weep.


Speaking or Silence

Speaking or Silence is nothing but only a way of Communication. And both are essential for the Success of Life. But some people just favour only Speaking or Silence. Napoleon Hill says,” Wise man, when in doubt whether to Speak or to be keep quiet, give themselves the benefit of doubt, and remain silent”. But noone should forget that Silence gives chance to raise thousand questions about circumstance, person or thing. Even Silence encourages tormentors. Audre Lorde says,” When we Speak we are afraid our words will not be heard or welcomed. But when we are silent, we are still afraid. So it is better to Speak”. Silence causes misunderstanding and breaks Relationship of years. Silence is also a Language, when Emotion doesn’t allow to say either in happiness or sorrow. Mahadevi Verma has said in Sona “Maximum problems of this world had gone solved if a person could understand the Language of eyes”. Means anyhow Communication is essential. Because Communication gap is root cause of lots of problems.So Speak loud.


BIHAR STATE PUBLIC LIBRARY AND INFORMATION CENTRE AUTHORITY came in shape in September 2012, under BIHAR STATE PUBLIC LIBRARY AND INFORMATION CENTRE (Amendment) ACT 9, 2012 (25 May 2012). First of all to organise and develop all the libraries spreaded in various forms in different parts of state, BIHAR STATE PUBLIC LIBRARY AND INFORMATION CENTRE ACT 17, 2008 was enacted by the Legislature of Bihar in the Sixty third year of Republic of India. After the appointment of Rtd. Prof (Dr.) Ram Vachan Rai as honorary Chairmain, who has been facilitated with the rank of Cabinet Minister, in September 2012, office has been opened near Dak Bungalow Chauraha, Patna in April 2013. Libraries have been divided into five categories – Block to State level. While there is also a provision for the development of Library at Panchayat, Village & Private level. For this purpose Rs. 96144240/- has been proposed in Current Budget. STATE LIBRARY FUND has also been established in this. Bihar has become 13th to implement Library Act.

Bihar PGT Vacancy : 41871

In Bihar PGT Vacancy process is going to start on 11-06-2013 & by 30-08-2013 Appointment letter will be distributed. Only STET pass candidates may send their application either by hand or by Speed Post. List of untrained will be published after getting permission from NCTE. Due to such conditions and past experience it may not denied that Final Appointment even may be possible after 2013. However total no of post is 41871. Details are as:- Patna- 2559; Nalanda- 1590; Bhojpur- 1390; Buxar- 744; Rohtas- 1996; Kaimur- 667; Gaya- 2381; Jehanabad- 616; Nawada- 733, Aurangabad- 1440; Muzaffarpur- 1486, Sitamarhi- 761; Sheohar- 139; Vaishali- 2002; E. Champaran- 1510, W. Champaran-732, Saran-2764, Siwan-1290, Gopalganj-964, Darbhanga-1077, Madhubani-1337, Samastipur- 1879, Madhepura-1669,Begusarai-1279, Khagaria-221, Bhagalpur-1089, Jamui-691, Lakhisarai-384, Banka-889,Sheikpura-405,Katihar-634,Kishanganj-299, Purnia-618, Araria-562, Saharsa-473, Supaul- 385; For more detail may click- http://educationbihar.gov.in

Fast Life Style And Our Culture

Fast Life Style has ruined the charm of Marriage Life. Nobody has time or patience to understand each other. They run after glamour of the world for fulfillment of their wanted -unwanted desire. They have developed the Culture of use and throw. selfishness has grown up in such a degree that they never think for society. They are very aggressive and ready to give rough and tough answer to anybody as their mind is lost somewhere in the materialistic world. They can buy Love, happiness, Joy with Music, Cinema, Harsh sound , and Party or else. Stealing a single second is very tough for such guys to think about its side effects. in such situations Marriage will be replaced by Live-In Relation Culture very soon. Parenting job will be matter of past or just for hobby as fun. Sincerity and Loyalty will become meaningless. There will be no Home of family member and Love but only Houses of hard and strong Iron and cement. Heart may have lost the its value. Every door and window will have been searching for Love. Sympathy, but only fortunate persons will have all these, whose numbers will be very few. Adjustment is the only device which may manage everything. Otherwise Next Generation will be dreaming for Marriage. However we should not be frustrated and try to improve the circumstance by giving Moral Lesson to our coming Generation. while teaching the value of custom, culture , patience, cooperation, is the essence of time. Hope Fast Life Style will not ruin everything.

India China Pakistan And Peace In Asia

India, China and Pakistan are the most significant country to create peace in Asia. If we look back within six months, we find that Pakistan was ready for war as they killed two Indian Army in Jammu and Kashmir. While China had entered into Leh, Ladakh for 15 kms. But anyhow matter got settled. Just after these incidents Prime Minister of Pakistan & Prime Minister of China got changed. Even Prime Minister of China not only visited India but also signed on several agreements. While Next Prime Minister of Pakistan Nawaz Sharif want to invite Indian PM on his oath ceremoney and has assured for the better relationship. Afghanistan, Japan, & America are also in the touch of India regarding Peace or Investment in different sectors. No doubt Value of India has increased in this context but should not be so inert that Pakistan, China, & Bangla Desh may create problem at a time due to any reason. If all are going for Peace than nothing may be better than this that Asia will be the most Peaceful region. Hope for Peace.


Adjustment is a process in which a person has to regulate, adapt or settle in different context of Life. John Boyd Orr says,” our civilization has evolved through the continuous adjustment of society to the stimulus of new Knowledge”. In real sense life is not possible without adjustment. Since birth to death a person has to struggle to adjust as this world has own system to work and everyone has just to follow it otherwise be out of this system. Adjustment disorder basically develops due to Ego or Self-Esteem. Eric Hoffer says,” Every new adjustment is a crisis in self-esteem”. While Herbert Spencer adds,” Life is the continuous adjustment of internal relations to external relations”. For being a successful person it is essential to learn the process of adjustment. Compromise is basic tool to avoid Ego. Learn to be humble and try to give respect to everyone near to you and value the importance of every professional or other relations. Without adjustment you may be nowhere in Life or World. So try to adjust.