Working with patience is known as evergreen solution of every problem of life. In life whenever you fall in crucial situation, only patience will pay you in good return otherwise problem will overwhelm. Think for a moment when due to your wrong decision some cheater came in your life. You feel helpless as opposite one is playing trick and blaming for all. Due to irritation or anger if you take any action, then law and order runs behind you. What may be the best option? Patience may play a pivotal role. Ignorance of such persons may give you mental peace. Just think for yourself. As you may not control anyone except yourself. What is need to show rigidity for anything? In this world several options are available. If you are involving yourself in anything just due to Ego, then you are wasting time. Can you think about the life after you? For somedays some will weep and later will enjoy their life. Then what is need to be angry? For what you are thinking? You don’t love yourself? Why wasting your time for else?


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