Life is here, life is there and life is everywhere even beyond the imagination. Anyone can find it just with some efforts. Every living or non- living thing has their own life. Why should we think only for living creatures like man, animal or plant, why not about building, table, chair or machinery thing? Our view makes it different. Environment offers a type of life. In this world everything has to die after a tenure but time will be forever. System will be forever with slightly change as “Change is the rule of nature.” Even happiness or sorrow has its life span. Rain, Sun light, Darkness, Mood, even sense gets change with the time. Patience is the synonym of wait. It may bless with well wishes or may leave with heavy frustration. But lastly its complete silence. As whole storm has gone, nothing is remain to fly. Nothing is to think or say. But again life is there. Destruction or Construction is the only a part of life. Nothing may end for forever & nothing may be for ever. But only life will be.Hope & life.


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