Many have desire to be a Writer. He/She writes either Poem, Story, Article or else. Everyone thinks perhaps what he/she is going to write, will prove unique one, nobody even can write like this either with fact or style. Noone can express happiness or sorrow like this. But its not a truth. Everyone has their own sense to experience the situation, but there are also many others who are experiencing the same condition & tackling them with different attitude. Even noone is wrong either be a successful or failure. How can any claim that any idea only came to his/her mind? If it happens – it may not be on regular basis. From where any pick the theme for Poem/Story except from this world? How can any articulate the writing skill by ignoring grammar? How can any avoid to be a social & civilized person? Writing work may be fun, but writing is surely tough. What is the use of such writing which has no reader? Writing should be such which may take attention of reader anyhow to read first then else. What do you say?


One thought on “Writing

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