Working with patience is known as evergreen solution of every problem of life. In life whenever you fall in crucial situation, only patience will pay you in good return otherwise problem will overwhelm. Think for a moment when due to your wrong decision some cheater came in your life. You feel helpless as opposite one is playing trick and blaming for all. Due to irritation or anger if you take any action, then law and order runs behind you. What may be the best option? Patience may play a pivotal role. Ignorance of such persons may give you mental peace. Just think for yourself. As you may not control anyone except yourself. What is need to show rigidity for anything? In this world several options are available. If you are involving yourself in anything just due to Ego, then you are wasting time. Can you think about the life after you? For somedays some will weep and later will enjoy their life. Then what is need to be angry? For what you are thinking? You don’t love yourself? Why wasting your time for else?


Life And Action

What is Life without action? And which action is not a part of our life? At which moment we are not in action? In every passing second we are involve in some sort of action either productive or unproductive. All these actions are lead by some actions and its effects. Even Calmness of someone is also a type of action. If action is not controlling the life then life will control the action. It is a truth. Either create your way of life with your choice or life will compel you to bear the following action. Really your immediate or later action may lead you to the best possible position or may throw you in the worst condition. So it is said that always be in action in right direction at the right time. Your action should carry revolution, resolution or reformation but not the mental or physical tension. Even your mind is always struggling besides physical to follow the action. Anyone may expect for positive result but should not be assured. Otherwise you will get only frustration & mental pain.So action is life.


Life is here, life is there and life is everywhere even beyond the imagination. Anyone can find it just with some efforts. Every living or non- living thing has their own life. Why should we think only for living creatures like man, animal or plant, why not about building, table, chair or machinery thing? Our view makes it different. Environment offers a type of life. In this world everything has to die after a tenure but time will be forever. System will be forever with slightly change as “Change is the rule of nature.” Even happiness or sorrow has its life span. Rain, Sun light, Darkness, Mood, even sense gets change with the time. Patience is the synonym of wait. It may bless with well wishes or may leave with heavy frustration. But lastly its complete silence. As whole storm has gone, nothing is remain to fly. Nothing is to think or say. But again life is there. Destruction or Construction is the only a part of life. Nothing may end for forever & nothing may be for ever. But only life will be.Hope & life.

Value Of Time

What may be the value of time more than this that about to everything on this Earth may comeback with some especial effort except Time. Can you imagine that moment when someone get himself safe even in crucial accident? Can you imagine the feeling of such person who has lost his way before a hungry Lion? Everyone excuses due to lack of time, he couldn’t make practices, or couldn’t get success. Think for a moment, how much time do they want for preparation & even can assure for sure success after that? If not then, why don’t get ready for immediate action for every risk or job? What makes difference if noone is giving 100% ? Is it possible that for your preparation in that tenure no extra work or responsibility will be added in your life? Nothing favourable or against will go in your life span? If nothing is certain then what have to think more than need? What will be benefit by making non-sense excuses? Death will wait for you? Will death offer you excuse?Is there anything remain to know the value of time ?


Many have desire to be a Writer. He/She writes either Poem, Story, Article or else. Everyone thinks perhaps what he/she is going to write, will prove unique one, nobody even can write like this either with fact or style. Noone can express happiness or sorrow like this. But its not a truth. Everyone has their own sense to experience the situation, but there are also many others who are experiencing the same condition & tackling them with different attitude. Even noone is wrong either be a successful or failure. How can any claim that any idea only came to his/her mind? If it happens – it may not be on regular basis. From where any pick the theme for Poem/Story except from this world? How can any articulate the writing skill by ignoring grammar? How can any avoid to be a social & civilized person? Writing work may be fun, but writing is surely tough. What is the use of such writing which has no reader? Writing should be such which may take attention of reader anyhow to read first then else. What do you say?