No risk no gain and any gain without pain is meaningless. Without risk life is monotonous. And if your life is monotonous, it means you have lost the value of your life. Without goal, excitement, and risk your life becomes like stone without feeling or purpose. And if you want to enjoy your life, then surely you will have to take challenges. You will have to be ready for happiness and tears of struggle. This risk or struggle either may rewards a lot or ruin your whole life. Very frankly in this war of life you will be alone. Happiness may gather many people in your appreciation. But loss may push you down in the depth of frustration where you may find the real meaning of your life. You may be wise, may learn lots of lesson. It is said that happiness offers you a chance to take risk with your ability and understanding while sorrow keeps you under the law of discipline. Risk is the name of that element without which our life is nothing. Only with risk we may climb the mountain of success. What do you think ?


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