Lao Tzu says -“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage”. But what will you say about this Love Story? In Love a girl of Medical College married a clerk. After a year she married a Doctor with the permission of parents in the presence of whole society. But drama didn’t stop here. She again came to the clerk. Girl is also accepting that their parents had no knowledge about this marriage. Whatever drama may be; but what about the impression of the Doctor? What can he do now? What was his fault? Should he go to law? What will be benefit of it if he goes? Erich Fromm truly said -“Immature Love says – I Love You because I need you; Mature Love says – I need you because I Love you”. In real sense there is need to be extra alert about Love and Relationship. Otherwise you may be fooled any time by any one. And your Life may be nothing but a life of Frustrated person. Is it possible to be safe and even keep safe the position of family in the Society?


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