Love Or Revenge

Is there need of Valentine day in real sense in Life? Can anyone answer that he/she just loves someone only on Valentine day or wait for this to confess their love? If not, then what is the need of creating a drama or problem for some? If yes, then nobody may be agree that they are in love. Actually Love doesn’t know any sort of restriction. Its like a flow, which searches perfect moment & object. Love comes itself. If someone says – he/she is thinking love will come in their life on their term & condition, then surely they are in illusion. With love a great revolution even may take place without making any noise; as a true human being everyone wants love, comfort, compassion and way of pleasant life. But if someone falls in spiritual crisis then its nothing but a destruction. They may show themselves happy but may be tormenting inside in different way and may have been tormenting everyone in near about as a revenge. Love & revenge both have different forms. Do you think- anybody have right to play with any?


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