Meaning Of Relation

What is the meaning of relation – if there is no sincerity about it? Relation may be either of blood or emotion. Relation ofblood is such relation in which you are compelled to behave properly with them either by choice or by chance. And this relation either may be forever or long one. But in Emotional relationship, person picks individual of same choice & taste. There is no pressure on such relation and both are free to move ahead in different direction in need with the passage of time. But sometimes it seems that people are habitual to carry their relation with a hope, without knowing its result. In such situation it becomes like burden on both sides. Some says – such relation should be put off. What is the meaning of relation if there is lack of sincerity & faith. If someone is not coming in your help in need, then how long will you tolerate such relation? Why should only you be responsible for such relation? Do you think – you can survive any relation without any help? Can you alive dead relation again?


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