Innocent Love

Can you imagine the mental situation of a person, whose birthday is on 14 February and wants to propose a girl without knowing the whole truth? Very tough, right? I would like to describe about such situation of a boy. That day, he was looking so handsome. Smile was dancing on his lips. Whole body was trembling in excitement. He was trying to hide his emotion but could not. He had invited every body in his party. And she also came. When party was going on she sat next to him. During the party he could not collect the courage to express his emotion. But at the end of the party he called her in a corner & with hesitation told – ” I want to say something, if you are understanding”. She replied with confusion – ” Be frank & say what you want as silence may create problem”. Lastly he confessed his love for her & she replied after a time -” Don’t mind. Forget all. I am going to be married with someone. We may be a good friend”. He became complete silent and told – ” It’s ok. And be happy”. With smile he said – bye!


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