Love And Society

In love people says – Why should I care for Society? What has Society given to him? Really Society hasn’t given anything? What is Society? Where does a person take birth? Where does he get love of parents & relatives? Where does he get Education & Identity? Where does he fulfill his daily need & desires? Where does he get good or bad friends? Even where does he get his love? Answer is only Society. Society is from us & we are from Society. These questions are nothing but a type of frustration & immaturity. It comes as anger & indicates selfishness. In calm mood same person will never like to go against the Society. Its truth – Love is blind & it never allows to think clearly. But a real person accepts the love in its universal form & compromise with the situation. As Thomas Carlyle says – ” A loving heart is the beginning of all knowledge”. We should not forget the words of Erich Fromm – ” Selfish persons are incapable of loving others, but they are not capable of loving themselves either”. Rest is to think.


3 thoughts on “Love And Society

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