Techno Era And Youth

This Techno Era has changed the natural life style of Youth. They are losing sensitivity, emotion and attachment to the life. Since morning to late night their Life is consumed by Electronic & Mechanical Device. They grow in competition & lose their innocent Childhood. Their Early Maturity transform them as Youth & Old One, where they search the meaning of Life. Years ago, Being a father or mother was the matter of proud but now its like a burden. Due to several reasons even they don’t like to marry before 35 yrs. While medical reports are already indicating about the difficulty of Fertility & Complexities in this age. Even people are taking help of Sperm Bank & Ovum Bank, however they are not ready to take precaution. Actually they are not satisfied with their own life and are struggling to fulfill their passion to the whole extension. Can any imagine the result of such trends in coming generation? Is it a healthy practice? Will humanity be remain for the coming generation?



Lao Tzu says -“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage”. But what will you say about this Love Story? In Love a girl of Medical College married a clerk. After a year she married a Doctor with the permission of parents in the presence of whole society. But drama didn’t stop here. She again came to the clerk. Girl is also accepting that their parents had no knowledge about this marriage. Whatever drama may be; but what about the impression of the Doctor? What can he do now? What was his fault? Should he go to law? What will be benefit of it if he goes? Erich Fromm truly said -“Immature Love says – I Love You because I need you; Mature Love says – I need you because I Love you”. In real sense there is need to be extra alert about Love and Relationship. Otherwise you may be fooled any time by any one. And your Life may be nothing but a life of Frustrated person. Is it possible to be safe and even keep safe the position of family in the Society?

Bihar Of Nitish Kumar : Victim Of Exploitation

When Nitish Kumar was selected as the Chief Minister Of Bihar, people were expecting for better future. But now people are realizing that Nitish Kumar is doing nothing but just making foolish & exploiting. Nitish Kumar made a lots of announcements but did a little. He got record vote in the election by abusing Lalu Prasad Yadav. But his cleverness is going to be over. Teacher, Doctor, Engineer, Nurse even noone is happy. Even Public has become tired due to their policy & corrupt system. Blame is that he has taken all control over media by providing much advertisement. But is crossing the limit of 30000 crore but public is victim of crime, corruption, malfunction & so on. He is just visiting Pakistan & other countries to share Success Tips & inviting guests to get appriciation. But noone should forget that once Lalu Prasad Yadav used to go to deliver the Success Tips of Indian Railway but now ugly face is before everyone. Noone may keep in dark for long then what about Nitish Kumar? Will he make better Bihar?

Love Or Revenge

Is there need of Valentine day in real sense in Life? Can anyone answer that he/she just loves someone only on Valentine day or wait for this to confess their love? If not, then what is the need of creating a drama or problem for some? If yes, then nobody may be agree that they are in love. Actually Love doesn’t know any sort of restriction. Its like a flow, which searches perfect moment & object. Love comes itself. If someone says – he/she is thinking love will come in their life on their term & condition, then surely they are in illusion. With love a great revolution even may take place without making any noise; as a true human being everyone wants love, comfort, compassion and way of pleasant life. But if someone falls in spiritual crisis then its nothing but a destruction. They may show themselves happy but may be tormenting inside in different way and may have been tormenting everyone in near about as a revenge. Love & revenge both have different forms. Do you think- anybody have right to play with any?

In Leisure

In leisure, I prefer to read Novel, Newspaper, Magazine, but I also like to play with Internet. Facebook & Twitter are my best friends. However I search on Google & Yahoo to read articles, blogs & other fiction & non- fiction works. Walking is also my hobby, when I get time for more than five hours. In these hours, I prefer to go in search of new way or location where I have never visited. Sometime Temple & Church attract me. For peace and new energy it is like power house. Cooking is also a great job to utilize the skill as well as for experiment in Kitchen. Basically music is essential part of my life. It doesn’t matter – How much attention I pay for it, but Classical & Romantic Songs are in top list. Adventure is in my blood. Being on Railway track and search for something new is my passion. Learn how to ride bike, car, train, helicopter, and aeroplane in adventurous way is my dream. Whatdo you think for my leisure? Am I utilizing my leisure in the best way or should turn something?

Meaning Of Relation

What is the meaning of relation – if there is no sincerity about it? Relation may be either of blood or emotion. Relation ofblood is such relation in which you are compelled to behave properly with them either by choice or by chance. And this relation either may be forever or long one. But in Emotional relationship, person picks individual of same choice & taste. There is no pressure on such relation and both are free to move ahead in different direction in need with the passage of time. But sometimes it seems that people are habitual to carry their relation with a hope, without knowing its result. In such situation it becomes like burden on both sides. Some says – such relation should be put off. What is the meaning of relation if there is lack of sincerity & faith. If someone is not coming in your help in need, then how long will you tolerate such relation? Why should only you be responsible for such relation? Do you think – you can survive any relation without any help? Can you alive dead relation again?

Innocent Love

Can you imagine the mental situation of a person, whose birthday is on 14 February and wants to propose a girl without knowing the whole truth? Very tough, right? I would like to describe about such situation of a boy. That day, he was looking so handsome. Smile was dancing on his lips. Whole body was trembling in excitement. He was trying to hide his emotion but could not. He had invited every body in his party. And she also came. When party was going on she sat next to him. During the party he could not collect the courage to express his emotion. But at the end of the party he called her in a corner & with hesitation told – ” I want to say something, if you are understanding”. She replied with confusion – ” Be frank & say what you want as silence may create problem”. Lastly he confessed his love for her & she replied after a time -” Don’t mind. Forget all. I am going to be married with someone. We may be a good friend”. He became complete silent and told – ” It’s ok. And be happy”. With smile he said – bye!