That night as I reached to my home peace was in my mind. But as I moved to the 2nd floor, I became shocked – someone had locked the stair-gate, which means I could not enter into my room. It seemed all troubles starts only here as only three yong girls were in that building and they must have gone into the sound sleep few hours ago. However I gave voice as well as knock at the door, but all went in vain. I had to spent whole night at the stair. I looked for books in bag but after an hours was feeling sleepy. In bitter cold sack & polythene was my bed while jacket & hanky worked like cover. Bag was pillow. But coldness of stair was pinching my body & mosquitoes were kissing me. By 3 am when it became intolerable, then I started to play with mobile & wrote notes.I was trying to keep myself busy but how long?Lastly at 4 am again I gave voice & knocked at the door.This time I got success. A girl opened the door & gave me key with feeling sorry for my whole night. Without saying a word I went to my room & rested.



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