Loss Of Humanity: Murder in Jammu & Kashmir

Jammu & Kashmir is as old as significant issue for the Politics of Pakistan. Even war is not wrong between competitive countries. But inhumanity is wrong. If Pakistani army wants to prove their power then surely they should openly challenge Indian Force. If Pakistan hates India – then why do they accept any invitation of Indian Cricket Board? Why do they want friendship or peace? Why do they make business with India? Murder of two sepoy in Jammu & Kashmir may not be called Bravery but act of Abnormal Mind. It was like behave of American Army with Irakian army. It is also violation of International Law. Pakistan is already facing terrorism in its own country due to Taliban and others, however they are not taking any lesson. If their Allah just pleases with blood and inhumanity? Army is in every country. And every person is human & every body have their family & feeling. Everyone should be patriotic & should live & die for the nation. But they should not commit heinous crime. Army should love humanity.


2 thoughts on “Loss Of Humanity: Murder in Jammu & Kashmir

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