Delhi Gang rape : Reason Of Revolution

2012 may be called as year of Revolution as several times Public came on road due to many reasons. But the Delhi Gang rape of December 2012 not only carried shame to the nation but also to the world. All news channels, news papers and magazines covered Gan grape news in such a manner, which influenced every section of the society. Everyone wanted justice for the girl. But has gang rape stopped after that? Has everyone become alert, helpful and the most thing cooperative? Be sure Teenagers have been affected too much. They may be seen talking about gang rape with curiosity and with different attitude. Has Media played a great role to aware the society? Now everyone is talking about justice but with the intension of revenge. No any advocate is ready for rapist as it has become matter of image. Where is Human Right worker? Can anyone assure that no any rape or gang rape will take place after this justice? Do you think this is apt way of justice?Everyone is just playing with the emotion of victimized family just for name and fame? Don’t play.


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