Rahul Gandhi’s Maiden Speech : Expression Of Pressure

Rahul Gandhi tried to make his Maiden Speech personal, emotional & inspirational. Even he pointed out – what is the meaning of power in the eye of Sonia Gandhi. But these things don’t work in politics for long. Whole world knows the tragic history of Gandhi Family. It is known to all that even Sonia Gandhi has not come in Politics willingly. Yes some germs of politics may be in Priyanka Gandhi & Rahul Gandhi. Congressians are using their name as they know their capacity. But noone should miss the points raised by Rahul Gandhi as Vice President. He has told about the need of change in working system of Congress Party. He wants to make his party powerful. He wants to prepare maximum number of candidates for CM & PM. He wants candidate for every post from the grass root workers. Where it shows the inefficiency of Congress Party there it also shows – How much Gandhi Family is under pressure & wants to be free from the burden by creating an army of leaders. But will it be easy for Rahul Gandhi in coming time?


Memorable Night : Journey In Fear & Fog

Journey in winter foggy night was too fearful. That night I was too late due to Bus & Train. All happiness went off when I learnt that I’ll be alone on the way now. Actually I was going to Village & Bus had arrived at midnight while more 3 km I had to go on foot due to midnight. Even could not stay there as everywhere was dense dark & barking dogs. Tough was to cross dangerous forest & river side. For 13 yrs old boy it was horror. But I went ahead in dim Moon Shine as I had nothing except a bag. I crossed path with low visibility, more fear, risk of being in ditch but without any interfare. But when I was going through narrow street, dog started to bark. Due to long wall in both sides nothing was visible. I couldn’t dare to move. But when barking sound came near then with force I moved ahead by scolding dog. Dog did nothing when I took a stick from near. But dog left me when I entred into my courtyard. My mother & others warned me in the morning for next time as that 3 km was not safe for night. Thank to God.


That night as I reached to my home peace was in my mind. But as I moved to the 2nd floor, I became shocked – someone had locked the stair-gate, which means I could not enter into my room. It seemed all troubles starts only here as only three yong girls were in that building and they must have gone into the sound sleep few hours ago. However I gave voice as well as knock at the door, but all went in vain. I had to spent whole night at the stair. I looked for books in bag but after an hours was feeling sleepy. In bitter cold sack & polythene was my bed while jacket & hanky worked like cover. Bag was pillow. But coldness of stair was pinching my body & mosquitoes were kissing me. By 3 am when it became intolerable, then I started to play with mobile & wrote notes.I was trying to keep myself busy but how long?Lastly at 4 am again I gave voice & knocked at the door.This time I got success. A girl opened the door & gave me key with feeling sorry for my whole night. Without saying a word I went to my room & rested.

Loss Of Humanity: Murder in Jammu & Kashmir

Jammu & Kashmir is as old as significant issue for the Politics of Pakistan. Even war is not wrong between competitive countries. But inhumanity is wrong. If Pakistani army wants to prove their power then surely they should openly challenge Indian Force. If Pakistan hates India – then why do they accept any invitation of Indian Cricket Board? Why do they want friendship or peace? Why do they make business with India? Murder of two sepoy in Jammu & Kashmir may not be called Bravery but act of Abnormal Mind. It was like behave of American Army with Irakian army. It is also violation of International Law. Pakistan is already facing terrorism in its own country due to Taliban and others, however they are not taking any lesson. If their Allah just pleases with blood and inhumanity? Army is in every country. And every person is human & every body have their family & feeling. Everyone should be patriotic & should live & die for the nation. But they should not commit heinous crime. Army should love humanity.

Delhi Gang rape : Reason Of Revolution

2012 may be called as year of Revolution as several times Public came on road due to many reasons. But the Delhi Gang rape of December 2012 not only carried shame to the nation but also to the world. All news channels, news papers and magazines covered Gan grape news in such a manner, which influenced every section of the society. Everyone wanted justice for the girl. But has gang rape stopped after that? Has everyone become alert, helpful and the most thing cooperative? Be sure Teenagers have been affected too much. They may be seen talking about gang rape with curiosity and with different attitude. Has Media played a great role to aware the society? Now everyone is talking about justice but with the intension of revenge. No any advocate is ready for rapist as it has become matter of image. Where is Human Right worker? Can anyone assure that no any rape or gang rape will take place after this justice? Do you think this is apt way of justice?Everyone is just playing with the emotion of victimized family just for name and fame? Don’t play.