Memorable Night

In our life several things come as memorable for the life, but we talk just about special one. In my life, I also got lots of things but I love only nights. Travelling in night has become as regular routine. Being in train coach and enjoying journey is the most pleasurable moment of my life. I could not forget my chilling and crying voice what I used to do at the coach-gate in the silent dark nights. Whistle of train was only competitor of mine. I also got drops of rain on my hand, face and lips. Taste of that rain drops can’t be expressed in words. I experienced the feeling of love & separation besides earning lots of practical knowledge of life in train. But after all, I am very thankful for the night in which I got a chance to be inside the Pilot Cabin of train & learnt how to drive a train. I could not believe the moment when I was touching & trying everything in the Cabin with my hand. I am thankful to both Pilot as well as God, who gave me a chance. As I had never dreamt it as a public.I am not a Pilot.