Meaning Of Festival

What is the Meaning Of Festival? Anyone may answer to this question either with the help of available knowledge in his/her mind or due to experience of life. But in general sense it is associated with joy and holiness. It is directly or indirectly attached to the religion. That means it is related to the purification of soul and peace at physical, mental and spiritual level. Either be poor or rich, everyone has right to celebrate the festival and enjoy the happiness of moment by forgetting every pain. Taste delicious food. But what is reality? How many families are enjoying festival by heart in this modern age? How many persons are able to forget the cruelity of life? What is the meaning of festival for the poor men – sleeping on the footpath, who are victim of exploitation, victim of circumstance, starvation and deprivation? What is the need of throwing party with wine, crackers and else? Can’t that money be used for poors? Who will be God for them? Are we true human?Have we right to celebrate the festival?


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