Meaning Of Festival

What is the Meaning Of Festival? Anyone may answer to this question either with the help of available knowledge in his/her mind or due to experience of life. But in general sense it is associated with joy and holiness. It is directly or indirectly attached to the religion. That means it is related to the purification of soul and peace at physical, mental and spiritual level. Either be poor or rich, everyone has right to celebrate the festival and enjoy the happiness of moment by forgetting every pain. Taste delicious food. But what is reality? How many families are enjoying festival by heart in this modern age? How many persons are able to forget the cruelity of life? What is the meaning of festival for the poor men – sleeping on the footpath, who are victim of exploitation, victim of circumstance, starvation and deprivation? What is the need of throwing party with wine, crackers and else? Can’t that money be used for poors? Who will be God for them? Are we true human?Have we right to celebrate the festival?

Children’s Day

Children’s Day is celebrated in about 191 countries. And in each and every country Children’s Day is celebrated on different days. But their motto is only one – Welfare of Children. Because Children are the only future of any society, state, nation or universe. Either be regional or national, at every stage some cultural programmes are organised. Some Children are rewarded, some new laws are highlighted. Promise of glamorous future of Children is thrown. But what is the truth behind the curtain? How many Children are happy? Even in today’s modern age Children are engaged in dangerous work place. Children are maltreated in every aspect at work shop. Yet Children are deprived of Education, Food, Love, Care and of Human Right. But some government or NGO remember them only on some occasions otherwise no one have time to even to think for them. What is the need of such celebration of Children’s Day? What do you think of such occasional festivals?

Mobile Causes Tension

Mobile causes Tension a lot – it’s truth. Everyone will be agree that Science has given lots of facilities and it has added several colours in our life. Specially Mobile has become such a part of life, that no any other device of Communication may be compared with it. With such a small device we can not only communicate in near or far-flung areas but also with the help of Internet and Android we can enjoy life in every aspect. But it deviates our concentration. Due to Mobile many road accidents and other incidents are increasing. If Mobile gives awareness as well as alertness but it increases Tension in several circumstances. Not only in Examination Hall but also on the other spaces it causes troubles. If there is need of silence, then ring of the Mobile Causes Tension a lot. What do you think about Mobile Tension?

Tool of Wicked Women

Women are supposed as good as wicked. They take rigidity to the full degree. And will never like to deviate from the desired goal or path. Her first tool is silence. A woman will be silent in response to every question, as she experiences that their word may reveal weakness or may fall in further trouble. Another point is that these acts make her strong and opponent candidates fall in mental trouble. Second she will like to ignore the food. This causes a great trouble to opponents. They feel guilty as well as supposed responsible for every action done by woman. In such situations a person out of rage or else either will come to violence or will leave her forever. And in such manner wicked women get success in her desired goal. What do you think for such wicked women? How should we control such wicked women?

Rahul Gandhi lost the post of Prime Minister

Rahul Gandhi lost the post of Prime Minister of India. Yes it is true that Rahul Gandhi had a chance to be the Prime Minister of India, when UPA came in majority twice. First time Sonia Gandhi was projected for this post, but gently she denied it. Even it was supposed good as BJP and others were against her.Everyone saluted Sonia Gandhi for this sacrifice. But we should not forget that Sonia Gandhi was never in favour of politics. We should not forget that when Rajeev Gandhi was going to be considered for the post after the death of Indira Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi had tried to convince him for refusal. But Rajeev Gandhi went against her wish. After a long time she accepted the chair of President on great request.So it can’t be denied that Rahul may have been convinced not to be the part of government inside. And now while scenario is changed. Next term for Congress is about to impossible. And when Rahul Gandhi and family have been included in the game of scam.It seems Election 2014will not give him this post.