Mukhtaran Bibi:Inspiration Of Life

Victim of Gang rape and Illiterate woman of Pakistan, Mukhtaran Bibi has become inspiration of life. Mukhtaran was not only victimised by the people but also by the government of Pakistan. Generally life after heinous crime like rape becomes so miserable that Death is supposed better than Life;however power of politics was against her in the air. Bibi was experiencing every harsh moment of Life. But with the support of Parents, she refused to think about suicide and started a new life. Bibi started a small school to educate all with risk. Starting such work even by economically weak person was very tough but with courage at present her organisation is working very well for the welfare of the society. Out of jealousy several stones were thrown over her but she created a bridge of Success with these stones.Someone may thrash her courage in tough time but this world will salute her for such journey of life.She is real hero of life and person should take lesson that Life doesn’t end with you but your cowardness.


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