Do you think Success and Relation go side by side? Sometime it is said that without Human Relation you may not get success, while the same Relation sometime proves like obstacle. No doubt for getting Success a person tries to get up early, work hard and keep courage for everything. But who is there to celebrate the Success? Henry Ford has defined Success in these words -“Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; and working together is Success”. Even since Childhood we discover ourselves in the web of relations. Relative’s expectation grows up too much from a Successful person. But a Successful Person becomes so busy that he could not steal time even for family members. Is there any value of such Success?Actually Success comes from within. Success means should be happiness, contentment and having warth of Relationships instead of having lots of materialistic gains.As humanistic side of Relationship plays vital role in our life.Even Einstain says-“Try not to be a man of Success but value”.



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