Better Knowledge

Where can we earn “Better Knowledge”? Some may answer that better knowledge may be earned in modern and technology based College, University or Advanced Society and town. But we can not ignore the fact of failureness in such spaces as lots of examples are available. Actually Knowledge has nothing to do with these things. For Knowledge open mind and instinct of inspiration are essential. Even with good books a person can earn high degree or grade but also will succeed to earn Better Knowledge can’t be said. As from books one can earn knowledge to the limited extent. But real life does not stop there only. For the betterment all sorts of knowledge are essential. Better Knowledge may be earned by experience, discussion, debate, interection, inspection, introspection and like so on. With attitude Knowledge may be earned anywhere and anyhow. If spark of inspiration meets with hard work and goal orientation, then nothing can stop one to succeed ahead. What do you think for Better Knowledge?


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