Life After Cancer

Life after Cancer may be same or different. But it depends basically on the attitude of concerned person. Cancer has become general and treatable in these days. Cancer does not only affect a person physically and mentally but also emotionally and economically. No one should forget Indian Cricketer Yuvraj Singh, who was not only suffering with Cancer but also lost sponsership and more. His future in Cricket came under confusion. But with his attitude Singh proved that nothing is different. Even Former New Zealand Captain Martin Crowe, who also became victim of Cancer, says – “I will focus on the important things in front of me, and nothing else”. Then what is the reason that Former England Captain Tony Greig should be worried? He should think Cancer is not a great disease. Tony should be positive and creative. Life is greater than any trouble. And a person should be bold and patient to face the any trouble of life. Greig should know that there is a lots of fun, happiness and life after cancer even.


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