Degree Holders are Educated?

Do you think only “Degree holders are educated”? Perhaps No. As Education is earning a new skill. Education improves your mental & physical behaviour. If someone with higher degree is unable to resolve the problem, then what should be called? While many persons like Rabindranath Tagore are examples who proved themselves highly educated without attending academic institutions.While some persons are on the road without job with high grade and average ones are in the position. Actually getting high marks or degree is not a guarantee of high mind. They may have earned degree anyhow. Remarkable point is that Education can be earned by experience and observation.Never should underestimate any one just due to low grade. In some countries this issue has been taken in notice and as per need improved system is implemented in the Education. So, if someone thinks only “Degree holders are Educated” & only they have right to enjoy elite group, then it is completely wrong conception, and they should change their thinking.


One thought on “Degree Holders are Educated?

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