Arvind Kejriwal:Losing Popularity

Arvind Kejriwal is losing popularity. It is a fact that for earning reputation, have to struggle hard but for losing your one mistake is enough. Even BJP Leader Sushma Swaraj told – “Which hype was created for BJP President Nitin Gadkari, nothing came in the same”. Kejriwal should not forget that how Baba Ramdev became significant figure for all,but a minor mistake proved him a joker. Even Anna Hazare could not get support from Public in later.Actually man is a mixture of mistakes & none may be proved chargeless in whole personal life. And no one may be interested in personal affair of any. Kejriwal should raise voice for immense issue. It is very tough to change the System over night. Can Kejriwal even prove that only honest persons are in his team and none is trying to steal a chance for gaining limelight? While he has announced for his political party, everyone is alert and expecting nothing more than their experience. So Arvind Kejriwal will lose the popularity very soon, if not get alert before the time.


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